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Does Talstar P kill ants?


Talstar P insecticide, or Talstar P professional insecticide, to give it its full name gives long-lasting control on the toughest of pests. Talstar p professional insecticide comes as a liquid concentrate insecticide.

Talstar P insecticide is a repellent insecticide. The formula contains 7.9% of the active ingredient Bifenthrin, which is a synthetic Pyrethroid that affects an insect’s nervous system causing paralysis and death. It is fast acting and works particularly well on social insects like ants. Pests, like ants, pick up the residual active ingredient through contact.

Talstar P professional insecticide is a widely used and well-trusted insecticide used by many professionals for pest infestations.

How many species of insects does Talstar P professional insecticide kill?

Talstar P insecticide will kill over 75 insect pests, whether crawling insects or flying insects. Talstar P insecticide can be used for pest control on difficult-to-kill insects like Moths, Black flies, Carpet beetles, earwigs, Sawtoothed grain beetles, Banks grass mite, Dermestid beetles, Clover mites, Powder post beetles, Fungus gnats, Spider mites, Merchant grain beetles, Stink bugs, Flea beetles, Gypsy moth caterpillars, Pecan leaf scorch mite, Leaf feeding Caterpillars, Elm leaf beetles, Chinch bugs, Dichondra flea beetles, Pine shoot beetle, Plant bugs, Cigarette beetles, flour beetles, Crane flies, Sawfly larvae, Brown dog ticks, Tobacco moths, Citrus thrips, Boxelder bugs, Japanese beetles, Indian meal moths, Rice moths, Warehouse beetles, Grain weevils, Orchid weevil, Black vine weevil, Annual bluegrass weevil, Broad mites, Biting flies, Stored product pests, Tent Caterpillars, Termites, Twig borers, Lesser grain borers, House borers, Tip moths, Subterranean termites, European red mite, Lace bugs, and Brown soft scales.

It is also tough on general household pests like bed bugs, Spiders, Cockroaches, and Yes, Talstar professional insecticide will kill ants like the biting Imported fire ants and the building destroying Carpenter ant.

Where can I use Talstar P insecticide?


Talstar professional insecticide is suitable for pest control in a variety of establishments. Talstar p professional insecticide can be used for indoor pest control and outdoor pest control.

Talstar professional insecticide is used inside and outside to safely get rid of Carpenter ants, fire ants, and the many other insects listed above. It is suitable for use on turf, shrubs, trees, foliage plants, and ornamental plants. It is often used in |Business landscapes, Recreational parks, Kennels, Athletic fields, Hotels, Restaurants, Food handling areas, and shopping malls.

How long will the residual pest control last?

Talstar’s professional insecticide will prevent an infestation of insects like ants for months after one spray. Talstar professional insecticide has no color, so it will not stain or leave unsightly residues, it will not irritate the skin, and it does not contain plant-damaging solvents. It cannot be easily washed away in the rain.

Talstar professional insecticide gives residual pest control in places where insects gather, like food processing plants, foundations, and buildings’ cracks.

What are the sizes available for Talstar P insecticide?

Talstar insecticide is available in a few sizes, so you can decide how much you need to purchase.

Talstar insecticide 3/4 Gallon is the most popular of sizes. You can also purchase a gallon, which costs around $75, a quart is about $45, and $40 for a pint.

What is the yield for Talstar P professional insecticide?

The strength of Talstar professional insecticide, once you have mixed it with water, will depend on the area size you can cover.

  • One pint of concentrate will yield 16-32 gallons of finished solution.

  • One quart of concentrate will yield 32-96 gallons of finished solution.

  • 3/4 gallon of concentrate will yield 96-192 gallons of finished solution.

  • One gallon of concentrate will yield 128-256 gallons of finished solution.

How do you apply Talstar P insecticide?

Depending on your target pest, Talstar P insecticide can be applied using misters, foaming equipment, or pump sprayers.

The label will tell you which equipment is best for your particular pest infestation.

Telstar P professional insecticide Features

  • It is safe for pets once dry.

  • Almost no odor or staining.

  • Easy to follow mixing rates.

  • A convenient squeeze and pour container make measuring and mixing simple.

  • Talstar P is tough on many species of pests and gentle on everything else.

  • It is water-based. Which means you can use it inside and outside. It can be applied to a large perimeter area.

  • It is non-irritating, non-staining, and does not contain any odorous or plant-damaging solvents.

  • It is compatible with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and liquid fertilizers.

  • When it has dried, it is almost impossible to tell where it has been sprayed. So, there are no unsightly residues, and it is non-toxic to plants.

  • It is excellent for general household pests.

  • Talstar is able to get rid of over 75 separate species of pests quickly and easily with long-lasting control of even the most challenging lawn and ornamental pests.

  • Talstar P professional insecticide provides a long-lasting barrier against insect pests.  It will keep Cockroaches, ants, and other insects out of your home by treating the perimeter of the home’s foundation every 2 or 3 months.

  • Talstar P professional insecticide is suitable for food-handling areas in restaurants, kitchens, supermarkets, and food processing plants.

A Warning about Directions for use

Under State Federal law, it is a violation to use this product inconsistent with the labeling. It is not to be applied in a way that will come into contact with workers or persons directly or by drifting. Handlers that are protected can use the product during application. You should check with your State for pesticide regulations before using Talstar P.

How do I treat Imported Fire ants?

red-fire-antTalstar PL Granular Insecticide will kill Fire ants. Apply 1/2 a cup of Talstar PL Granular Insecticide to the Fire ants’ mound and then pour plenty of water on the mound, about two gallons.

How do I treat Carpenter ants?

The active ingredient in Talstar professional insecticide will kill a Carpenter ant if it is sprayed directly. However, it will not be passed to the rest of the colony.

How do I mix Talstar professional insecticide to kill Carpenter ants?

To make a 0.06% dilution add one fluid ounce of Talstar professional insecticide to a gallon of water.

How do I treat Bed bugs?

To get rid of bedbugs, a thorough application needs to be applied to cracks and crevices where evidence of the bugs has been spotted.

You should include bed frames, box springs, inside of empty dressers and closets and around carpet edges, and high and low wall moldings and wallpaper edges.

This product must not be used on bed linens, pillows, mattresses, or clothes. All articles and clothes in closets should be removed before application. Allow all the treated areas to dry completely before use.

Talstar is not recommended for use as sole protection against bedbugs. If there is evidence of bedbugs found on or in the mattresses, use a product specifically for this use.

How do I treat Stink bugs?

Talstar professional insecticide is suitable for getting rid of stink bugs indoors and out on ornamental plants and lawns.

To treat areas around window frames, door frames, foundations, vents, eaves, and any other cracks or crevices, the Stink bug could gain entry mix to the following 0.33 to 1.0 oz per gallon of water.

How do I treat Termites?

Because Chinch bugs infest grass at the base in layers, it is best to water the grass well before applying the treatment. This will help the insecticide penetrate the area where the Chinch bugs are. Use 0.5 to 1 ounce per 1,000 square feet.

If the layers are thick with Chinch bugs and their Nymphs or the grass is long, we recommend using a higher volume application rate of 1 ounce per 1,000 square feet.

How do I treat Mosquitoes?

If you are having some issues with mosquitoes, you can use Telstar P Professional insecticide to spray it around the foundations of the home and on the underside of leaves and on low-hanging branches in the yard. It can also be sprayed on ornamentals and shrub leaves.

If you have dense vegetation, you can use a higher application volume.

Do not apply in winds of more than 10 MPH.

How do I treat Termites?

Talstar professional insecticide can be used before building construction for the prevention of Termites. Add 1.0 ounces of Telstar to a gallon of water to give a solution of 0.06%.

To use underneath a concrete slab as a horizontal barrier, apply a gallon solution per 10 square feet.

Use 4 gallons of solution to 10 linear feet for a barrier around perimeters.

Can I use Talstar professional insecticide in my greenhouse?

green-houseYes, it is effective at managing common greenhouse pests like Whiteflies, Spider mites, and Thrips.


Please do not use it directly on nut and fruit-bearing trees or on food in the home, or on edible food in restaurant kitchens.

How can I avoid an ant infestation?

Ants have an organized caste system in their colonies. They send out the worker ants to forage for food. Once ants have found a food source, they will leave a pheromone trail for the other worker ants to follow to the food.

The workers will take the food back to the colony for the inhabitants to eat, including the queen.

So, when you see ants in the home, it does not necessarily mean their nest is in your home.

We have some helpful tips for you on how to avoid ants in the home:

Never leave food out on the countertops. Always put the food away as soon as you have finished.

Clean up every scrap and crumb; the tiniest morsel of food will attract ants. Wiping countertops with white vinegar will interrupt their trail, and they do not like the smell of it, so it works as a repellent.

Keep the floors as clean as possible. Empty the trash often and keep the lid clean. Make sure the trash can has a tight-fitting lid.

Wipe any stickiness from food jars as sauces and jams will attract ants. Clean cupboards regularly and keep the stove free from food debris and grease. There are ants that do like fatty and greasy food.

When your pet has finished its food, remove the food bowl and wash it. Some species of ants will eat pet food.

Do not leave unwashed, dirty dishes in the sink. The food debris will attract ants. Do not leave water in the sink, like us ants need water to drink. Even the dishwasher with dirty dishes and cutlery can attract ants in the kitchen. It is best if you can switch on the dishwasher as soon as possible.

Check other rooms in the house; maybe someone has spilled a drink or dropped some food on the floor. There could be food that has fallen down the back of a chair.

Check underneath sinks in the home for leaks; dampness and moisture can attract ants. Check showers and faucets for any leaks also. Dry any water left behind in sinks, showers, and baths. Try not to leave damp towels in the bathroom.

And finally,

In our article “Does Talstar P kill ants?” We presented how to kill ants with Talstar P insecticide yourself; we hope you have found the article helpful; if you feel the problem is getting out of hand, then it is time to call a professional to remove the ant problem for you.

Ronald has 25 years of pest control experience under his belt. He scrutinizes each control method, product and process to prevent infestations effectively. 

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