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Nobody wants to find bed bugs living in their home. We know how horrifying it can be to discover unwanted pests, big or small.

This is why we have put together a list of the top 4 best bed bug traps on the 2020 marketplace. We’ll be heading into the world of trapping them, catching them, and monitoring them.

Here’s the thing: Most people see the sight of a bed bug and try to apply treatments and killers in that one area. However, there’s a chance that this will not eradicate the entire infestation.

Bed bug outbreaks require multiple treatments because their eggs will continue to hatch despite adult eradication. Not only this, but when a bed bug infestation is found in one area of your home, the likelihood is that they’ve travelled across the interstate of the house (your clothes) into different area codes (rooms). 

So, what you need is to get some bed bug traps, first. This way, you’ll have a better idea of the extent of the bed bug infestation and where they are hiding.  We recommend using a bed bug detector like mentioned in this article to help identify how serious your problem is.

Of course, we know you want to exterminate the pest problem as quickly as possible. That’s why you need to contact your local pest control service when you’ve discovered proof of bed bugs. Let’s dive straight into our top 4 best bed bug traps.

Top 4 Best Bed Bug Traps

We have gathered our top 4 choices for bed bug monitoring. They offer safe, secure, and pesticide free bed bug traps for all your needs.

We will be heading into a more in-depth conversation about these individual bed bug traps later on! As well as this, we’ll be talking about our top pick: Harris Bed Bug Early Detection Traps.

All of these fantastic bed bug traps can be found on Amazon, so check out the links below to see our top 4 best bed bug traps on the market.

  1. Harris Bed Bug Early Detection Traps
  2. EcoPest Bed Bug Blocker (Pro)
  3. ClimbUp System Bug Interceptors
  4. Trapper Max Traps

Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

In short: yes, but it depends on your aim. If your aim is to catch every single bed bug and sleep soundly without waking to find your blood has been used to rejuvenate a colony, don’t use just a bed bug trap. Bed bug traps act as a bed bug detector, essentially allowing you to see how severe the problem is.

But if you’re looking to monitor an infestation, find where they are coming from, and reduce the number of bites in the process, then yes. Just make sure you’re picking up the right bed bug trap as some may break, shatter, or lose their stick.

1. They allow you to monitor the bed bug infestation

When you’re using bed bug traps, it’s best to buy a large number and place them strategically around your home.

If you’re not sure where to start, then we suggest thinking back to when you got your first indication of a bed bug infestation.

Start to place the bed bug traps in those areas, such as the bedroom or living room, and you’ll be able to find where most of the bed bugs are.

2. You can find where the most bed bugs are

The simple thing about bed bugs is that they tend to harbor close to where they will be feeding. Hence the name, bed bugs. They also need 3-10 minutes in order to complete their feed, so need to do it at a time when the host is asleep.

This means that there may be more bed bugs in some traps than others. That isn’t to say that some bed bug traps in a pack are faulty, it just means that locations where there are not many bed bugs caught don’t have many bed bugs in the first instance.

As well as this, it must be noted that bed bugs may find their hub inside the mattress seams. They can crawl through tight spaces, including into bed sheets and between the seams of a mattress. This place is a dark and cozy environment close to their food source.

If this is the case, then placing a bed bug trap under the foot of the bed, or on the ground next to a wall will not work. But that doesn’t mean the bed bug trap doesn’t work; it does.

So, if you have the signs of bed bugs, but find that bed bug traps don’t catch many (if at all), then it’s a sign to begin checking your mattress seam.

3. You’ll get fewer bites

When the bed bug traps are placed into a ‘commuter zone’, then they will be catching bed bugs before they get to your bed. This means that you can enjoy a night’s sleep without having to wake up looking like the center piece of a banquet.

As mentioned, bed bugs are simple parasites because they make a home near their food source. This means that there is normally a clear and defined ‘commuter zone’ that can be intercepted with the bed bugs.

When you first use the bed bug traps, without knowing entirely where the infestation hub is, you’ll need to place them sporadically around the affected room. Then, with time, you can zone-in on the areas that catch the most bed bugs.

Therefore, with time, using the bed bug traps and intercepting the commuter zone, you’ll find yourself with fewer bites.

Of course, this is only a temporary measure, as hatching eggs can re-route a commuter zone, and bed bugs will find their way to a host none-the-less. We advise calling your local pest control services as soon as you first discover a bed bug.

What Are the Two Main Types of Bed Bug Traps?

As mentioned, there are various measures for trapping bed bugs. But the two main types are the bed bug interceptor devices and the glue traps. This is because they are specially designed to stop the bed bugs in their tracks.

In our top 4 best bed bug traps, we have both the main types of bed bug interceptors, so there’s no need to be favoring one over the other. We’ll do all the reviewing of products for you!

Both methods are highly effective, but offer different pros and cons to their usage. Let’s have a look:

1. Interceptor Devices (A.K.A. Slippery Traps)

These traps are the most common bed bug trap around. They are small plastic trays you might picture when thinking about bed bug traps.

They have a large hollow in the center, a ring, and then a smaller hollow for an outer ring. This inner ring has a slippery surface, so bed bugs are unable to climb out. Then, on the outside of the interceptor there is a textured surface they can scale to get in.

These traps go under the legs/feet of your bed, a bedside table, living room chairs, bed canopy frame legs, etc. This is because these areas are part of the commute where bed bugs get from their infestation hub to their meal. These can also be placed around the house close to suspected infestation hubs. For example: cracks in floors, walls, skirting boards, draw joints, cushions, loose wallpaper, piping, seams and more. In short: anywhere secluded and dark.

When you find a good brand – which we can advise – then they are easily stored and re-used due to their plastic nature.

A final feature of interceptor devices is that their hollow in the center. It can be used as a storage compartment for any scented lures. This is especially useful when the interceptor device has been placed near skirting boards rather than commuter zones like bed legs.

2. Glue Traps (A.K.A. Sticky Traps)

On the other side of the coin is the equally effective sticky traps. These comprise a flat card surface with a sticky reside to trap bed bugs.

They are great substitute for placing around avoidable commuter zones such as skirting boards, as they are less invasive and can often include scented lures.

The traps are easy to find and come quite cheap. However, due to their nature of having a sticky surface, this can run out with time and cannot be cleaned or renewed. This means that you’ll have to continue buying the traps.

It must be noted that the glue is non-toxic and does not kill the bed bugs (much alike the interceptor devices). Therefore, it is a passive method of monitoring, and you will still need to contact a local pest control service to exterminate the infestation efficiently.

As mentioned, a benefit to these traps is their ability to be paired with pheromone lures, meaning the glue will attracts bed bugs. Unlike the interceptor trap, it can help monitor a bed bug infestation even if it is not placed within a commuter zone.

How Effective are Bed Bug Traps?

Even if we are sure that bed bug traps work, there are still some factors that will determine how effective they are in trapping your unwanted guests. Aside from whether your bed bugs’ commuter zone is off the bed/in the bed, there’s also factors in the quality of the product and how many bed bugs there are.

If you’ve had a bed bug infestation for a while, then there’s a chance your infestation spans further than your bed. It will take approximately one-month for eggs to hatch and grow into sexually re-productive adults. So, if you believe you’ve had bed bugs for a few months, then you may have a few generations on your hands.

Not only this, but bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding on a host, so even if you jet away on holiday for a couple of weeks, they’ll have multiplied and be waiting for a feast.

1. It will depend on the brand

Just like most products on the market, from chopping boards to soap dispensers, there will always be brands offering faulty products at cheap prices. Be sure to always check reviews to see if products have been tested. This way, you can be certain the brand is sturdy, and the product is what it says on the tin.

Not only this, but a bed bug trap needs to be able to withstand pressure of the bed, the mattress and up to two humans every night. Meaning your bed bug trap should be tested to hold the pressure of at least 800 pounds without signs of cracking.

The moral of the story is to do your research or let us do it for you. Of course, we do have our top 4 best bed bug traps here as well as our top pick.

2. It will depend on how big your infestation is

It may go without saying, but bed bug traps only have a finite amount of space. Meaning if your bed bug infestation has grown, it may not be enough of a preventative measure to use a single bed bug trap around your bed or living room furniture.

If your infestation is too big, to the extent where bed bug traps are full after a night, it’s time to contact your local exterminator for an emergency treatment.

However, you can’t leave the home. This is because bed bugs are lured by the scent of the carbon dioxide (CO2) that we exhale. So, if we are not around, there is no CO2 to attract the bed bugs and the traps won’t have a commuter zone to intercept.

This is also a common part of termination, where you remain within your home while the bed bugs are being exterminated. It will also be an indicator of success: if you do not experience any more bites and there are no longer signs of bed bugs, then the extermination process is complete.

So, if your traps are catching more than expected, it shows how effective they are. But it will not kill bed bugs or prevent infestation growth.

They are to aid in monitoring and prevention, only.

3. It may depend on the type of trap

There are many different types of pest control services and traps on the market. These include the main two types: interceptor devices and glue traps. There’s also pheromone lures and homemade remedies such as double-sided sticky tape.

Aside from these there’s also preventative measures, such as purchasing a mattress encasement. This has to be bought before any bed bug infestation has taken place, but means you will be protected against bed bugs harboring in your mattress and box spring if an infestation does occur.

The mattress encasement takes away the bed bug’s access to cozy mattress seams, making it more like memory foam mattresses, which cannot be inhabited by bed bugs.

We do recommend using bed bug traps on the market instead of homemade remedies, as these can often lure other unwanted insects into the home. Not to mention there is a common misconception about bed bugs sticking to tape: this is not the case. While they are unable to traverse the smooth side of tape, the sticky side will only help them climb into bed with you.



Harris Bed Bug Early Detection Glue Traps (4-Pack)The Harris Bed Bug Early Detection Glue Traps are easy to use and feature a simple design. They also accommodate for the lure by incorporating attractive smelling food.

Each pack contains four traps, conveniently numbered for furniture, and cost effective.

They are highly effective at identifying an infestation in new sleeping areas such as a hotel. This is because the bed bugs will be lured out of their infestation hub to the glue trap.


While the glue trap is effective in monitoring the infestation, it will not eradicate a problem, which is an issue that most homeowners want dealt with.

With Harris putting extensive research into their products, they have manufactured a thin and discreet package. But, this has caused issues with pets and children getting their fingers into areas they shouldn’t.

You have to set the trap up. This involves taking it out of the packaging and folding various sides to make a dome.


 ECOPEST Bed Bug InterceptorsThe EcoPests Lab bug blocker series boasts an eco-friendly approach to their bed bug trapping natures, using high quality materials for reusable products.

The Bed Bug Blocker (Pro) is a positively reviewed product with their 4” internal diameter that will fit most bed and couch legs.

The pros to using the EcoPest interceptor device is that is it made to withstand the heavy force for the bed, while catching bed bugs in the process.

They can be bought in packs of 4, 8, or 12 to match your needs. We advise buying more than the number you think you need due to the nature of bed bug infestations and their ability to enter walls.

They do not pose a threat to children or pets as there are no harmful substances, and they are secured into place by the weight of the furniture.

As they are plastic containers, they make disposal of bed bugs easy, and they can be re-used where necessary.

You can choose between black or white, so they are either easier or harder to see in the container depending on your preference.

Some of the interceptor devices that have been mishandled by a courier seem to have a higher chance of breaking under the pressure of the bed. As the material is made entirely out of plastic, it poses a threat to the environment when the device is disposed of. If the bed bug infestation is substantial, the number of bed bugs may outweigh the volume capacity of the device, meaning bed bugs are able to escape and continue their commute to the host.
Key Features

Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap, 4ctThis brand has brought a new and improved product on the market. They have changed the materials to become a sturdier product using thicker Polypro.

This makes the interceptor device more resistant to cracking


Positive customer reviews applaud the product’s ability to monitor the bed bugs by capturing them at night, causing them to sleep soundly for the first time.

It is a light product of only 1.55 pounds, making it lighter than rivals with better quality material.

ClimbUp’s dual-well design shows which direction the bed bugs are coming from, providing a more accurate monitor for the infestation.

In comparison to other devices on the market, the dual compartments make a simpler design with first-hand accounts boasting ease of use. It is easier to dispose of the bed bugs and re-use the product.


This particular interceptor device has a flat surface on the inner diameter. This means that furniture can easily slip within the interceptor device, causing harm to children or pets.

The brand advises using talcum powder as well as the device to improve results, making it a more costly endeavor.

Although coming in packs of 12, the ClimbUp System Bug Interceptors can be known to be more expensive than rival products.

Key features

Trapper MaxTrapper Max’s reputation in the exterminator world is rife. The Brand offers glue traps that can be used flat or folded to suit the needs of the space, and offers a peanut butter positive, too.


The product has a light peanut butter scent that attracts bed bugs and insects, but is still subtle enough to not take up a room.

Not only this, but the Trapper Max glue traps are fantastic for catching other bugs, insects, flies, and rodents.

They offer a pesticide and chemical-free option to reduce the population of bugs and insects around the home, including in the bedroom.

The choice between using the folding mechanism of the glue trap and using it flat gives more flexibility to the user. Not only this, but the folding mechanism is simple and easy to use.


If the glue traps attract other insects, the trap can get too full too quick with the other larger bugs. Meaning that the user will have to change them often to effectively monitor bed bug infestations.

While the boards are non-toxic, they trap insects and bugs and make it an inhumane way to decrease or monitor a bug infestation.

Key features

After spending 21 hours reading user reviews and studying the pros and cons of 19 different products, our top pick, not just because it is top of the list, is the Harris Bed Bug Early Detection Glue Traps!

Their longevity within the bug arena makes them highly knowledgeable in the field of traps for bed bugs. That’s why their Bed Bug Blocker (Pro) is so effective in luring, trapping and monitoring a bed bug infestation.

Their design of making a dark and inviting home for bed bugs means that daytime activity can cause them to be trapped, as well as night-time commuting to the host.

Not only this, but their discreet and sleek design makes them a fantastic option on-the-go. If you’re travelling abroad or inter-state and want to check for bed bugs in your hotel room, their irresistible food lure will tell you quick.

The Harris brand has more than 30 products dedicated to bed bugs alone. They are trusted by professional exterminators worldwide as well as homeowners across the globe.

They have even been contracted to provide their products to work their magic at the White House.

Our #1 Recommendation
Key features