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Did you notice termite signs in your home? Do you need a termite inspection? Are you wondering about pest control? We have looked into Haskell termite and pest control based in Hillsborough Ave. Tampa Bay, Florida, to find out more about them.

In our article, we will discuss the history of Haskel Termite control and the services Haskell termite has to offer.

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Family-owned and operated pest control company

Haskell termite pest control inc. is the largest fumigation company and largest family-owned and operated pest control company in Hillsborough Ave Tampa Bay, Florida. They offer residential services and commercial pest control services.

The history behind the company

Haskell pest control is the largest fumigation company on the West coast of Fl. The business was founded by Brad Haskell in 1992.

He already had ten years of expertise in pest control, including termite inspection and tenting fumigation.

Haskell pest control, as a professional company, has combined experience of 100 years in the pest control industry.

What do Haskell termite pest control services offer to the customers?

Haskell termite pest control inc. offers free estimates. Haskell termite pest control also offers residential homeowners and companies professional termite inspections, pest control, and pre-construction treatments.

All services carried out are thorough and effective, guaranteed, and will be tailored to the home or businesses, and not carried out by just anyone taking care of termites; all technicians are CTE registered.

Termite pest control is delivered by fully trained professionals in the pest control industry.

What else do you get, and what does it cost?

  • Free estimates.

  • Exceptional customer service.

  • Technicians are CTE-certified.

  • Competitive prices.

  • Treating is both effective and thorough.

  • Services are guaranteed to get rid of pest problems.

  • Home and commercial pest control management services.

  • Same day and emergency work availability.

  • Preventative pest control services.

  • The Tampa Bay area’s top house-tented fumigation facility.

How much do Haskell termite pest control services cost?

Haskell termite pest control will give free estimates before you sign a contract. Having signed the contract, a service fee can be $50 for a one-off service, $25 monthly, and $75 quarterly. We think this is affordable.

What areas do Haskell termite pest control services cover?

Haskell termite and pest control services cover the entire greater Tampa Bay area. With counties including Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, Sarasota, Sanford, Wellington, Weston, and Polk, as well as in South Florida counties.

Home pest control process

After a home inspection, a treatment plan is decided and explained to you.


The treatments used are designed to eliminate and prevent pests in the house. Haskell termite and pest control use a variety of methods to treat pests and various products on the inside and outside of a building to deliver the best results.

Follow up

Haskell Termite and pest control company give follow-up treatments that occur every quarter. Three treatments are exterior-only treatments, and the fourth is a complete interior and exterior treatment. Interior treatments are available by request.

Additional home pest control services

  • Haskell termite and pest control offer other prompt pest control services that include:

  • Bed bug treatments and control.

  • Fire ants’ control.

  • Fumigation.

  • Flea control.

  • Ghost ants’ control.

  • Rodent and wildlife control.

  • German cockroach control.

  • Termite control of drywood termites, Subterranean termites, and Damp wood termites.

  • Preventative pest control.

Haskell termite and pest control services not only offer general pest control, but they also have an extensive list of other services.

We have featured some of them below for you:

Commercial pest control services

Haskell Termite and pest control will give a free evaluation of the commercial property and answer any questions you have; you can contact their office and obtain advice from them; their communications are of a high standard. They will give you a quote for a pest control plan.

You will then be scheduled for the first visit at your convenience. A Haskell termite pest control technician knows exactly which advanced methods and solutions to use against various pests to make your facility pest free.

A follow-up schedule will be arranged to maintain the best protection for your property. Haskell termite pest control usually treats a job on a monthly basis depending on the frequency required.

Facilities that Haskell termite and pest control service


Tenants want to live in a pest-free home. Pest infestations can spread quickly from one apartment to another. To keep bugs etc., out, use Haskell termite & pest control.


Warehouse facilities may seem secure, but pests will be able to get into the walls of the business warehouse and cause an infestation very quickly. Haskell termite & pest control can provide pest control methods to get rid of them.


A food service facility is at high risk of infestations. Food will attract all sorts of pests, including vermin and cockroaches.

You must protect your business and customers, and staff from pests potentially spreading disease and bacteria. Haskell termite & pest control have methods to cover this worrying situation.

Municipal buildings

When pests infest a municipal building protecting everyone who works there is difficult. Contact Haskell Termite & pest control. They can offer the services required to keep your municipal building pest free.


Students go to a school building expecting it to be a safe environment. A pest presence in the school can mean the spread of harmful pathogens. You can protect the school and students with the Haskell termite pest control business.

Health service buildings

If you are working in healthcare, you know how essential it is to have a sanitary environment for the patients you care for.

To avoid pests in your facility, contact Haskell Termite pest control, who can help you find a solution.

Customer service

You can check the BBB rating for organizations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, including Haskell termite and pest control services; they have a B rating.

You can also read customer reviews or leave a review; most say how competitive and responsive their service has been, and Haskell termite and pest control services have an above-average rating.

How can I prevent termites?

Subterranean termites like to be in moist, damp conditions; removing moisture from the home with a dehumidifier will help to prevent termites.

Repair any leaks around the outside of the house and inside—for example, a leaking roof, leaking faucet, and pipes.

Remove garden debris and leaves. Remove dead tree stumps and branches. Keep firewood away from the foundations of your house.

If you use mulch in the yard, keep it away from your home—termites like the moisture in mulch.

If you use water sprinklers, keep the spray away from your house foundations.

Use termite-treated wood for any new construction.

And finally,

We presented ‘Haskell termite control’ and discussed the services they provide and the areas they cover. We hope you have found this beneficial.

Good luck!

Ronald has 25 years of pest control experience under his belt. He scrutinizes each control method, product and process to prevent infestations effectively. 

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