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The company, Pest and termite consultants, has been in business and serving Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1993. They have been offering effective pest control services in the triangle and surrounding areas for twenty-seven years now.

Pest & termite consultants proudly offer commercial and residential customers eco-friendly and economical pest control services.

Where is the business location?

The main business office can be found at 5101 old Poole rd. Raleigh, North Carolina.

Which pests can they control?

Pest and termite consultants are a multi-location business and can control many species, for example, bugs, bed bugs, termites, spiders, ants, moths, mosquitoes, bees, roaches, and ticks. Pest & termite consultants can also control rodents like mice and rats.

What other services do they offer?

Pest and termite consultants also offer a moisture control service. Suppose a homeowner or business owner has issues with moisture. In that case, a trained technician can inspect the home or business, including crawl spaces or attics, to determine the water source in the property.

After the inspection and the issue is identified, a control method will be recommended to reduce the moisture levels in the property. The options will depend on the location and severity of the moisture and could include automatic vents, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, French drains, and a sump pump.

Pest and termite consultants offer efficient treatment of Bed


Pest termite consultants are specialists in bed bugs. Their services include K9 bed bug inspection, liquid treatment, and thermal heat treatment. In addition, they offer a nine-month warranty, whereby if the bed bug infestation returns, a new treatment process will be free, and the customer will not pay any more money. Pest termite consultants have a high success rate, so the chances of bed bugs needing a new treatment are rare.

How much does it cost to eliminate termites?

Pest termite consultants do not have prices shown on their websites. Please note you can request a free no, obligation inspection and a quote. A technician will explain their findings to the business owner or homeowner and give extermination and control costs.

What do the reviews say about the business and services?

People who have given positive reviews have said the company gave fast response times in Raleigh, NC. Technicians were highly trained, respectful, easy to deal with, professional, and pleasant, and they were dedicated to giving a cost-effective pest control service and used eco-friendly methods.

They had a 4.8-star rating on google and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A + rating. So go ahead and call the guys in the blue trucks.

Is there a DIY termite treatment?

Firstly, please consider that termites are difficult to find; they keep the outside of the wood in pretty good shape. You can purchase and place bait stations and make a barrier around the property’s foundation.

There are signs of a termite presence you can look out for:

Clear signs of termites are droppings on the floor called frass; it looks like sawdust. The frass can fall off infested wood like ceilings, furniture, and baseboards.

Inspect the foundations of your house for damage and mud tubes. Termites make mud tubes travel from the soil to your foundations and, ultimately, wood sources. Termites will enter your home through gaps and cracks in the walls. Regularly check the foundations for signs of damage and repair them if necessary.

If you notice a musty odor similar to mold, it could be due to an infestation.

Swollen walls and ceilings can be due to a termite infestation. These pests hollow out wood which results in swollen walls and ceilings.

Winged termites inside or outside can signify a mature colony nearby. They are reproductive members of the nest, and once they have mated, they will create new colonies on your property. Piles of discarded wings are left after mating, another sign of an infestation. It is best to call pest control if you witness these signs.

Good to know

The company uses the EPA-approved integrated pest management system guaranteeing a home or business has a treatment using the most environmentally friendly and economical products and methods.

Overall, the company is highly respected. We recommend getting at least three quotes with guarantees from companies.

And finally,

We presented ‘Pest and termite consultants’ and discussed its history, the type of pests they eliminate, and the services they offer. We hope the article has been helpful.

Good luck!


Ronald has 25 years of pest control experience under his belt. He scrutinizes each control method, product and process to prevent infestations effectively. 

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