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How Does K9 Advantix Work?


Looking for the right method to treat a flea infestation on your dog? Many options might confuse you when choosing the right product for your furry friend. So, if you are looking for a product to treat flea infestations, then K9 Advantix ii is one of the best options.

If you are considering using K9 Advantix ii for your four-legged friend, continue reading. We have compiled everything you need to know. 

How Does K9 Advantix Work to Kill fleas?

K9 Advantix is one of the best products you will find if you want to treat a flea infestation on dogs. K9 Advantix ii is the newer version. K9 Advantix ii contains all the active ingredients needed for killing fleas.

K9 Advantix ii contains imidacloprid and Permethrin. Imidacloprid is an insect neurotoxin that interferes with transmitting impulses along the insect’s central nervous system. This causes paralysis of the insect and its death. Permethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide. It, too, affects the insects’ nervous system resulting in paralysis and death.

With key ingredients like imidacloprid, pyriproxyfen, and permethrin in K9 Advantix ii, no matter what stage of the life cycle, whether they are adult fleas, larvae, or eggs, your dog will be protected. Apart from killing flea infestation by direct contact, K9 Advantix kills mosquitoes that may bother dogs outside.

What insects will Advantix ii control?

Are there fly bites on your dog? K9 Advantix is effective for biting flies, lice, and ticks on dogs. It controls lice for up to six weeks. It repels and kills ticks, including brown dog ticks, mosquitos, and sandflies and repels biting stable flies.

Is K9 Advantix ii Effective On Cats As Well?

Although K9 Advantix ii is one of the best veterinary grade products for tick treatment and kills fleas on your dogs, it can be toxic to cats.

This is why you should not apply it to cats, as using it on them can cause serious harm. Even if you apply the K9 Advantix ii accidentally on cats, you should take them to the nearest vet as soon as possible. 

Keep cats away from treated dogs for twenty-four hours.

Top Features Of K9 Advantix ii

What makes K9 Advantix ii one of the best products is that it kills fleas entirely within twelve hours and stops biting within five minutes of applying. New fleas will die within two hours. It is also a mosquito treatment and provides tick prevention, and kills lice.

K9 Advantix ii has some very distinguishing features that set it apart from other products of the same category available in the market. For instance, it can be used on puppies from seven weeks of age.

1. How is Advantix ii for dogs administered?



Different-sized dogs require a different dosage; Advantix ii is available for small dogs up to large dogs depending on their weight.

Using K9 Advantix ii on your four-legged pet is easy, thanks to its small pipette. This pipette benefits all owners, as they can apply it to their dogs conveniently.

All you need to do to break the life cycle is part your dog’s fur between the shoulder blades and keep the parted fur tightly to one side. This will give you a place to seep the medicine into the dog’s skin, hold the applicator tube in an upright position, remove the cap, break the seal, and gently squeeze the entire contents of the topical treatment onto the skin.

Avoid contact with the eyes, and wash hands after using. Children should avoid contact with the dose site for twenty-four hours.

Make a note of when the next dose is due; Advantix ii will repel insects for up to four weeks. Skip any mixed doses and notify the veterinarian. Please do not double dose!

Potential side effects from Advantix ii

Although there are many effective flea/ tick medications available that treats the fleas present in dogs, they come with many side effects as well.

It is possible, although rare, for dogs and a pup to have side effects from Advantix ii, like skin irritation, at the application site. If symptoms persist, talk to the vet. They could experience loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, allergic reaction, respiratory problems, and seizures. If your dog has any of these side effects, consult a veterinarian immediately.

2. Contains All Active Ingredients

K9 Advantix contains all active ingredients needed to protect your dogs against a flea problem and other insects such as flies and mosquitoes. This is why it is considered one of the best products in the entire pet market. Some beneficial active ingredients that you will find in K9 Advantix are imidacloprid, pyriproxyfen, and permethrin.

These ingredients work together to protect your pet from the fleas present outside. No matter whether your dog catches fleas or is surrounded by mosquitoes, whether there are lice or there is a fly bite.

3. Provides Protection To The Entire Body

The active ingredients present in K9 Advantix protect the entire body of your furry friend. This is what makes it the favorite product of almost all dog owners out there. These active ingredients are released in the skin of dogs when it’s applied.

Once the active ingredients are released, they will spread onto the entire body of your dog. One of the main advantages of using K9 Advantix for your dogs is that the medication only sits on the body of your dog and does not enter its bloodstream. 

4. Dries Within Three Hours

The Advantix ii dries within a few hours after it is applied, and it does not contain any unpleasant smell. All these factors mean your dog should not have skin irritation when you apply it to its skin.

5. Effective On Mosquitoes, Fleas, And Ticks

The serum present in K9 Advantix is effective on all types of fleas and insects regardless of their lifecycle. No matter whether they are flea eggs, flea larvae, or adult fleas. It also kills ticks, mosquitoes, lice, and other parasites. This medication will work on all of them and kill them in an instant.

One month before the tick season, use Advantix ii. It will kill ticks already on the dog. The ticks will remain attached and visible; daily checking for ticks is advisable. Continue to use it throughout the tick season.

Even if your dog is suffering from a fly bite, K9 Advantix will also treat that. So, use this medication to get rid of the fleas on dogs and keep pets healthy and comfortable. 

6. Repels Water And Sunlight

Many medications used to treat flea and tick problems on pets are not resistant to water and sunlight. As a result, dogs suffer too. But this is not the case with K9 Advantix. It is a flea and tick medication of top quality that is repellant against water and sunlight as well.

7. Manufactured By One Of The Most Reputable Companies

A lot of people are concerned about the reputation of the company before selecting any product for their pets. But, with K9 Advantix, you will not have to worry about the reputation of the company, as it is one of the most reputable companies that you will ever find.



K9 Advantix is manufactured by Bayer, which is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company has made its name by producing some of the best quality products that everyone feels safe to use. This is what makes K9 Advantix a flea and tick medication of top quality. 

8. K9 Advantix Has The Top Ratings

K9 Advantix is one of the most popular medications that you will find in the market for the treatment of fleas and ticks on your dogs. This is why the product is the top-rated product by all the best exterminators.

9. Is K9 Advantix ii safe for pregnant and lactating dogs?

Yes, it is safe to use K9 Advantix ii for pregnant or lactating animals.

And finally,

While K9 Advantix is considered one of the top medications to treat your dogs against flea infestations and ticks, you need to be careful about the dosage of the medication and always seek professional advice. An overdose of the medication can be harmful to your furry friends. 

Good luck!

Ronald has 25 years of pest control experience under his belt. He scrutinizes each control method, product and process to prevent infestations effectively. 

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