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Harris termite killer powder can be used for an infestation and for the prevention of termites. Harris termite powder kills wood, destroying insects, mold, and fungi that cause wood rot.

In this article, we will discuss how to use Harris termite powder and how to apply Harris termite killer powder.

Let’s get started!

How To Use Harris Termite Powder for wood destroying insects

Always follow the label directions on the package when using Harris termite powder.

  • Begin by filling a one-gallon bucket around 80% of the way up with water. You should leave enough room for you to stir it.

  • Add a pound of termite powder to the water.

  • Stir the mixture well until the powder has dissolved and the water looks clear. It can take around five minutes.

  • Add more water to equal one gallon in total. One pound (16 oz) of powder will make one gallon (128 ounces) of liquid termite killer. This amount will cover 200 square feet approximately.

Applying Harris termite killer

When you are using Harris termite powder, cover your arms with a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes, socks, a mask respirator, and protective eyewear. The termite powder is odorless and non-flammable.

You can apply the termite killer with either a paint roller brush, paintbrush, trigger spray bottle, or a garden tank sprayer. If you have a large area to cover and treat, then a garden tank sprayer is the best option.

Apply the Harris termite killer liquid to dry, clean wood that is unsealed. Apply enough Harris termite killer until the wood is completely wet.

Apply Harris termite killer a second time within one to twenty-four hours time. Harris termite killer can be sprayed onto bare or painted wood, into the wood destroying beetles hole, construction sites, and fences. Many construction companies use this termite powder as a pre-treatment at construction sites.

How does Harris termite killer powder work?

The slow-acting formula allows worker termites to take the active ingredients back to the other workers, soldiers, and reproductives before they die. This allows the entire colony to be a target.

Product Overview

  • 1 lb. will make 1 gallon and covers around 200 sq. foot.

  • For the prevention of infestation against wood destroying insects.

  • Easy to apply with a garden tank sprayer or with a paint brush roller.

  • Kills termites, and the following pest types, carpenter ants, beetles, and other wood-destroying insects.

  • Will kill mold and fungi that cause wood rot.

  • Odorless and non-flammable.

How safe is the Harris termite powder?

Harris termite treatment and mold killer are odorless and non-flammable. Making it safe to use in and around the house.

It reduces the risk of termite powder poisoning. If you have children and pets and want to prevent termites in the house, then this is the best option.

What are the pros?

  • It is budget-friendly at around $11, which will cover 200 sq. ft.

  • Protects wood against mold.

  • Odorless and non-flammable

  • Safe for kids and pets.

  • Easy to use and apply.

What are the cons?

  • It can cause damage to grass and flowers if it is sprayed directly.

  • May not be purchasable in California

Harris termite powder is effective, and you can rely on it for two reasons.

Not expensive and will keep termites away in a non-aggressive manner.

And finally,

It is an effective treatment against termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and wood rot. Termite activity can mean large numbers of termites. You should treat them quickly. Harris termite killer is one of the best ways to stop these insects from causing damage.

Good luck!

Ronald has 25 years of pest control experience under his belt. He scrutinizes each control method, product and process to prevent infestations effectively. 

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