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Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Light?

Have you been wondering are mosquitoes attracted to light?

The truth is that as much as we all want to kill mosquitoes, they are major disease vectors having an impact on humans and animals.

Research has found if we learn how to develop short-wavelength light to repel mosquitoes, we can effectively reduce environmentally damaging toxic pesticides when controlling harmful insects like night-biting mosquitoes.

Are mosquitoes attracted to light?

During the day, the mosquitoes species will avoid light and keep in the shade. Harmful mosquitoes prefer the early morning and evenings when the sunlight is low. They do not perceive light like us, so bug lights will not help.

They use natural light to guide them. Artificial lights, like yellow and red lights and LED light, disorientate mosquitoes, and they struggle to find a host.

Studies by a medicine graduate student researcher have found light preference and light sensors can affect circadian molecular mechanisms, particularly the Yellow fever mosquito.

The circadian clock is the internal process that regulates living creatures. The Circadian clock severely interferes with avoidance and attraction to artificial lights in the mosquito species of night-biting mosquitoes.



While most people believe that mosquitoes are attracted to the light, that is far from the truth. Mosquitoes do use light sources to help them navigate around.

Are mosquitoes attracted to colors?

Some colors, indeed, tend to attract mosquitos more than others.

While it is common knowledge that mosquitoes are attracted to body odor, body heat, and carbon dioxide, they are also attracted more to specific colors. Even some scents can repel mosquitoes.

Darker clothing traps heat and black will attract mosquitoes towards you due to the emittance of heat.

Wear brightly colored clothing or colors like white to repel mosquitoes. Your clothing will reflect light, so fewer mosquitos will find you.

Are Mosquitoes attracted to Blue Light?

According to a study that evaluated the presence of mosquitos in regard to the type of light, the green light was the light preference to attract mosquitoes. This was followed by blue light, which was the second most attractive light for mosquitos.

Are mosquitoes attracted to ultraviolet light in Bug Zappers?

Mosquitoes are not attracted to ultraviolet light. Bug zappers used for insect control are light-based insect controls that are a popular way of getting rid of mosquitos. They are not species-specific light control. They do not control mosquitoes; they will control various species of insects.

The traps use ultraviolet or LED lights to attract mosquitoes and other insects, and then the mosquito control system kills them with a 12-volt electric current hence the widespread use.

How to repel mosquitoes

To repel mosquitoes and prevent them from breeding, you should remove any standing water in the yard, gutters and drains, pet bowls, toys, and buckets.

Mosquitoes do not like citronella. It is a natural repellent for the yard. It has green foliage and pink flowers. The citronella geranium plant has a scent that mosquitoes do not like. Plant flowers like marigolds and calendula alongside rosemary, lemongrass, and mint. All these plants can keep night-biting mosquitoes and insects away. Plant them on your deck or patio for them to really benefit you.

You could put some added protection in the yard in the form of a netted gazebo, the net will keep flies and mosquitoes away. If you do not have the space for a gazebo, you can purchase draped mosquito netting, which you can hang from the umbrella.

And finally,

We discussed whether ‘Are mosquitoes attracted to light?’ By now, you must have concluded that pesky mosquitoes are not necessarily attracted to light. Instead, they are more attracted to carbon dioxide and odors, such as sweat, which allows these tiny insects to find humans.

However, if you want to have an outdoor gathering in the summer, it might be useful to switch your incandescent bulbs for warm-colored LED lights that are less attractive to mosquitoes.

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