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The Best Mosquito Misting System

#1 Best Overall
Pynamite Cube PRO Mosquito Misting System
Mistcooling Residential Mid Pressure Misting System
#2nd Choice
Blue Rhino CPSV5100 SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Killer
Blue Rhino
#3rd Choice
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Best Mosquito Misting Systems Reviewed

Have you got a serious mosquito problem?

If the answer is YES, you are probably scratching your head (and everywhere else on your body!) to find the best solution!

Mosquito misting systems are one of the most effective ways to repel and kill mosquitoes and other annoying pests. Mosquito misters spray a mixture of water and insecticides at regular intervals to keep your outdoor space totally free of mosquitoes. Misters can be used for both home insect control and also to control mosquitoes which carry diseases.

Whatever your needs, we have tested the best mosquito misting systems on the market to give you everything you need to make the right choice!

Our Top Pick: Pynamite Cube PRO Mosquito Misting System


Pynamite Cube PRO Mosquito Misting SystemThis mosquito misting system has some seriously good reviews on Amazon, so we decided to check it out ourselves and we were instantly impressed!

The first thing we noticed about the Pynamite misting system is that it looks pretty cool. A lot of mosquito misters have big ugly drums, but this one is hidden away inside an understated cube which could easily pass for a composter or a garden recycling box.

The system is programmed and operated using only the two bluetooth remote controls, and the whole thing was really easy to set up using the instruction manual. The nozzle circuit itself is very well made, with ten stainless steel nozzles and all brass and nickel fittings. One excellent feature of this system is that you can actually add more nozzles if you have more serious mosquito control needs.

The Pynamite came complete with everything we needed to cut the nylon tubing to size, mount it on our office walls, and place nozzles exactly where we wanted them. We set the system up to mist at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active and didn’t need to do anything else. The agitator kept the pesticide mixed and just released it when it was programmed to. Being able to set it up to release mist at predetermined intervals means that it was such an easy mosquito misting system to use.

Practically flawless. The Pynamite Cube Pro really is an excellent system for use at both home and commercial properties.

The Best of the Rest

  1. Mistcooling Residential Misting System
  2. Blue Rhino CPSV5100 SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Killer
  3. Sprinkler Magician Automated Mosquito Killer Machine
  4. MistyMate 16031 Cool Patio 30 Deluxe Outdoor Misting Kit
  5. Gesentur Mosquito Cooling System
  6. SolaMist – Pest Control Mosquito Misting System

Mistcooling Residential Mid Pressure Misting System


Mistcooling Residential Mid Pressure Misting SystemAfter a bit of research, the next mosquito mister we tried out was this residential system from Mistcooling.  We were particularly interested to see whether a mid pressure misting system would be powerful enough for our pest control needs.

We started out by setting the system up, which took about three hours total. We had to measure and cut the supply lines and space the twelve nozzles at distances of about two feet between them.

Once it was up and running, we were curious to see how noisy the pump would be, but it was really quiet, which would be a welcome feature for anybody planning to use this mosquito misting system in their garden.

As standard, this misting system comes with 0.012″ nozzles, and while the system overall did its job, we noticed that there was a fair amount of excess water sprayed out. This was one criticism that we had read about this misting system before testing it, so we took the advice of other reviewers and switched the standard nozzles for 0.006″ ones instead and this definitely created a finer mist.  

This system can expand up to twenty five nozzles if you need wider application for larger gardens, public swimming pools, or other commercial application.

Considering the modest price tag, we were overall very impressed with the system. Our office yard is a haven for mosquitoes and other insects, particularly in the evening, and we were all constantly bitten last time we had an office BBQ outside. This system did a great job at clearing the area, and was unlucky not to make it to our number one spot.

Blue Rhino CPSV5100 SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Killer


Blue Rhino CPSV5100 SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito KillerThis mosquito killing system is an intriguing alternative to a mosquito mister and we were really excited to get our hands on one to see if it would do the job. The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac works by converting propane to CO2, which along with lights and a chemical attractant, entices mosquitoes and other pests to the tacky paper and trap.

We set the system up in our parking lot and just left it running. Blue Rhino suggests that you need to wait between four to six weeks for the system to really become effective, but our curiosity got the better of us and we checked after a fortnight. The results were way beyond what any of us could have expected. There was literally a solid inch thick block of dead mosquitoes stuck to the paper and a completely full trap tray.

This really is a fantastic mosquito control system, especially for people who are reluctant to set up a traditional chemical mosquito mister.

One thing we didn’t experience but other reviewers found is that smaller animals like lizards and birds were also drawn to the attractant and ended up in the tac trap. One potential way to avoid this is to remove the tac trap altogether and just use the paper.

Sprinkler Magician Automated Mosquito Killer Machine


Sprinkler Magician Automated Mosquito Killer MachineIt was our intention to try out as many different kinds of pest control systems as possible, so as well as regular chemical misters, we were interested in Sprinkler Magician’s all natural system. The manufacturer states that their spray uses a blend of six essential oils, and that this mixture not only kills mosquitoes upon application, but also repels mosquitoes for the next two weeks.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that this is not a plug-in and go mosquito control system.  We had to call in a skilled handyman to mount the machine on the outside of our office building and hook it up to our new sprinkler system. The cost of that on top of the already high costs of the misting system itself meant that we were expecting big things to justify the price and installation hassle.

Credit where credit is due, this is an excellent pest control system! Not only was the spray effective in keeping pests away, it also fertilized our office lawns! We were able to set the application equipment on a timer, meaning that once that was done, there really was nothing else that required our attention. By running the mixture through our irrigation system, it added the perfect amount of concentrate to the water each time, meaning that there was no wastage at all. Our order came with three gallons of concentrate and it has lasted for months already.

This system also came with a remote control so we were able to program additional treatments for outdoor activities on hot summer days. The remote controller was really easy to use, as was the system’s digital interface.

MistyMate 16031 Cool Patio 30 Deluxe Outdoor Misting Kit


MistyMate 16031 Cool Patio 30 Deluxe Outdoor Misting KitMistyMate is a big name in pest control so we were looking forward to the arrival of this mosquito misting system. With sixteen nozzles, we were particularly interested in comparing it to the Pynamite misting system and the Mistcooling system, which had so impressed us. The 16031 came with 16 stainless steel and brass nozzles, thirty feet of mist line, ten feet of supply line, and some great online reviews.

Ease of setup is always important to us because we are not the most technically minded of folks, but it was super easy to connect this one to the hose and set the nozzles up with the mounting brackets. We followed the instructions and spaced the nozzles two feet apart and let rip.

We were really impressed with the mist produced even though this mosquito system runs only on standard water pressure. Anyone who previously tried the Cool Patio 20 or Cool Patio 30 knows that one issue with those models was the plastic hardware. The upgrade to stainless steel and brass for the 30 Deluxe misting system means that everything is sure to last a whole lot longer.

Overall, this was an excellent mosquito misting system which showed why MistyMate continues to be a well-trusted name in the industry.

Gesentur Mosquito Cooling System


Gesentur Mosquito Cooling SystemEasily one of the cheapest and most convenient products we tested, this cooling system is essentially a long hose pipe with spray nozzles. It is designed to cool your outside area down with a fine mist of water directly from your faucet. Where its pest control capabilities come in, is that you can set up an inline suction from a bucket of pesticide which will turn it into a bonafide mosquito misting system.

The Gesentur was ready to use straight from the box, with an adapter to attach it directly to the faucet or to the hose if you need some extra length. We set ours up to the hose and ran the whole thing through our office garden on a particularly hot day. As a cooling system, it was fantastic, and really is a worthwhile purchase for families who want to enjoy summer days in the garden.

There is no doubt that this system was effective at mosquito control once we added the pesticide to the line, but it required constant supervision.

Overall, the Gesentur system is a great temporary solution if you need some quick pest eradication, but it isn’t ideal for long term application.

SolaMist - Pest Control Mosquito Misting System


SolaMist - Pest Control Mosquito Misting SystemOur final, and most attractive misting system, was the green egg-shaped system by SolaMist. We were interested in testing this one out because not only is it light and super portable with its wheeled design, it can even be operated via smartphone using an app.

Upon opening the box, we found the main unit, a 90′ tube, 20 spray nozzles, and all the requisite fittings. This is a solar powered misting system but it also came with a battery charger for those cloudy days, and with an additional remote in case you don’t want to use the app.

In terms of its misting capabilities, the SolaMist performed as advertised. We decided to take advantage of its portability and took it to the beach, and it kept us totally free of mosquitoes and other bugs all day long. The SolaMist is completely non-toxic, so pets, kids, and big kids alike were all able to enjoy a bite-free zone without any risk to health.

While this may not the ideal system for permanent installation or serious mosquito infestations, it is a great little product for home and travel use.

What Are Mosquito Misting Systems?

Mosquito Misting Systems are a means of controlling the mosquito population in an area by spreading a chemical mist that contains insecticides.

There are various types of misting concentrate used depending on whether you want to kill adult mosquitoes, larvae, or other flying insects. Mosquito misting is one of the most effective pest management practices and is vital for disease control, keeping mosquitoes with dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus in check.

How Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work?

Mosquito misters work by using an electric fan to blow air into the device. A liquid solution containing water, organic solvents, and pyrethroid pesticides is sprayed into the moving column of air. This causes a fine mist to form which can travel more than 30 feet depending on wind conditions and humidity. The devices also use ultraviolet light bulbs as part of their operation, which repel mosquitoes, moths, and other bugs. These lights run at night only when they are activated by motion or sensors embedded in the ground around them.

How Do You Find The Best Mosquito Misting System?

There is no one-size-fits all option when it comes to the best mosquito misting systems.

First off, identify your budget. Mosquito misting systems range widely in cost, with some costing less than $100 while others will run you well over $1000!

Next, consider how large an area the mosquito mist needs to cover. Systems that use water bottles (rather than tanks) offer more mobility so are good for camping use.

Finally, you will need to choose from the different types of mosquito misting systems available. Some use carbon dioxide or propane, while others rely on pyrethrin-based spray and powdered sugar dusts. These two systems are better for controlling mosquitoes, but the powder will need to be replaced periodically.

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Effective?

Outdoor misting systems are effective in both killing and deterring mosquitoes and other no see ums like midges, gnats, and horseflies. The U.S Department of Agriculture has been using outdoor misting systems for decades to control pests all across the country, and their use in Africa and elsewhere has saved literally millions of people’s lives from Malaria and other diseases.

Most misting systems use water mixed with a harmless pesticide that’s safe for people and wildlife, with the mixture sprayed as an ultra-fine mist into the air.

Mosquito misters spray out droplets so small you can barely see them, and this means that they don’t evaporate quickly or cause much drift, making them more environmentally friendly by not harming birds or mammals who may drink from ponds treated with the solution..

How To Use A Mosquito Misting System?

Mosquito misting systems are used to control mosquito populations in an area. There are two types: ground spray and airborne:

Ground mosquito control systems

Ground spraying is typically done with a handheld device or with a vehicle which has been outfitted specifically for mosquito treatment. The system sprays pesticide on tall plants, trees, shrubs, or any vegetation that may attract mosquitos near homes and other structures, while also applying chemicals to the soil around these areas.

This helps prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs as all food sources are forced away by the pesticides sprayed onto their habitats. Ground spraying can take as little as 15 minutes per acre depending on how much vegetation needs to be treated, but this time varies depending on the number of plants, trees, and shrubs in the area.

Seventy-five percent of  all outdoor bug bites happen in the evening, so it’s important to have your mosquito misting system running before sunset.

Airborne mosquito control systems

Airborne is done by spraying a mist that contains pesticides in order to cover a larger surface area. The devices can be installed as fixed misting systems or can be attached to an airplane or a truck.

Airborne spraying is typically done at night when mosquitoes are not as active and fewer people will be affected by the spray. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reported that airborne application can result in a mosquito mortality rate of up to 90% with one treatment, making it more effective than other methods which may require two or more treatments for similar levels of effectiveness.

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Safe Around My Pets And Children?

Mosquito misting systems are safe for pets and children, as they emit only a small amount of insecticide that is mixed with water in the spray nozzles. However, if you have small animals such as hamsters or guinea pigs, they may be at risk of drinking the water droplets that form on surfaces. It’s best to put small animals inside for an hour before and after each spraying session just to avoid any accidents.

Final Thoughts On Mosquito Misting Systems

You’ll be happy to know that mosquito misting systems are easy and affordable. If you’re looking for an efficient mosquito control method, then a misting system may be just what you need. Mosquito misting systems can provide relief from biting pests without any risk to your family or pets. If you are looking for a solution for your mosquito problems, be sure to check out some of the systems in this guide.