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The Best Mosquito Netting

#1 Best Overall
MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Net
GLORYFIRE Four Corners Enhanced Tactical Camping Mosquito Net
#2nd Choice
Gardenwill Mosquito Bug Insect Bird Net Barrier​
#3rd Choice
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Top 7 The Best Mosquito Netting

There is nothing worse than settling down to a comfy night’s sleep than suddenly hearing the dreaded buzz in your ear.

Mosquitoes can be a huge annoyance, but in areas where they carry dangerous diseases, they can be potentially deadly.

Mosquito nets are one of the most effective ways to stay safe from mosquito bites and the bloodborne viruses which they can transmit. There are nets for both home use and for taking with you when you go traveling or camping.

There are many different options available, so we have tested out the best mosquito nets on the market, so that you can make an easy choice!

Top Rated Pick – MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Net


MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito NetWe were intrigued by the Mekkapro ultra large mosquito net because of the sheer size of it, and we weren’t disappointed when it arrived. This is a huge mosquito net which means it has so many potential uses.

We took this on a camping trip with all of the normal gear and decided to test out some of those uses. The net was easily big enough to cover our entire tent and create a totally mosquito free zone inside. It could also be hung from a tree branch and protect our hammocks, and even our dining table during meal times.

With two openings it was easy to get in and out of the net, and the no see um mesh kept the inside space totally free of not only mosquitoes but all other bugs too. We didn’t see so much as a gnat inside for our whole trip!

One thing we had read in some of the reviews is that to make the most out of this mosquito net, you will need to build a frame to help shape it, as it is literally just a bug net. We gave this a go and definitely found it useful. With just a few long pieces of PVC, we were able to create a mosquito net tent which was easy to access and had plenty of room inside.

A fantastic mosquito net for camping, especially if you are a bit creative with your frame building skills. Could also be used inside and would even cover a king sized bed. Comes with a free hanging kit and a quality carry bag that keeps the net safe during transportation.


  • fully framed mosquito tent: 80″ x 70″ x 70″
  • 14 holes per square inch
  • No see um mesh
  • Mildew resistant
  • Machine washable

Our verdict:

With so many different uses, the Mekkapro ultra large mosquito net is the best mosquito net we tested for a range of home and outdoor uses. With the right frame it can fit an entire king size bed or a large tent.

Expert Tip:

Experiment with frames and you will be able to build different size and shape bug nets which will give you more space depending on your needs.

GLORYFIRE Four Corners Enhanced Tactical Camping Mosquito Net


GLORYFIRE Four Corners Enhanced Tactical Camping Mosquito NetWe loved this mosquito net from Gloryfire and it came very close to being our top pick! The first thing we noticed was just how sturdy this mosquito net is. It has four reinforced metal tie tabs which meant we were able to easily attach it to trees on our camping trip. Once up, this mosquito net forms a cube of fully enclosed protection. We really liked the additional no see um mesh floor base which stopped any ground bugs from sneaking into our tent from the bottom.

This is another huge mosquito net and we were able to fit our entire patio table inside it with plenty of room to sit down. We had a second net that enclosed our two berth tent and both kept us totally safe from mosquitoes and other tiny insects.

The mesh itself is pesticide treated so it can actually kill insects rather than just repelling them. Despite this superior protection, the mesh was still very breathable, and there was still very good ventilation and airflow inside the mosquito tent.

One thing that makes this net so effective, but may be a potential downside for some people, is that this mosquito net has no openings. We needed to lift it up every time to go in and out, but the net was very lightweight and durable so there was no real issue.

Like the Mekkapro, the Gloryfire came with a small carrying pouch so it was perfect for taking camping.


  • mosquito tent: 82.75″ X 39.5″ X 68.75″
  • 14 holes per square inch
  • Insect repellent treated mosquito net
  • High density breathable mesh
  • Grommets to peg down the net
  • Machine washable

Our verdict:

A fantastic travel mosquito net for camping and all other outdoor use. Big enough to cover a tent, picnic, or an entire bed. If you want to sleep outside with just your sleeping bags, you can create a sleeping area inside this mosquito tent with nothing else needed for protection.

Expert tip:

This mosquito net can pack down into its carry bag and weighs only 0.64lb, making it the best travel mosquito net to pack in your camping gear.

Gardenwill Mosquito Bug Insect Bird Net Barrier


Gardenwill Mosquito Bug Insect Bird Net BarrierWhile most nets are intended to keep humans safe from dangerous and itchy bites, this was the first mosquito and bug net we tested which is designed to protect plants. The design is literally just a single sheet of mesh which you can place over your garden or farm crops.

The first thing we noted after unfolding the net was the sheer size of it. This comes in one sheet of 100 feet by 10 feet and can be cut to size based upon your needs.

We found that the mesh itself was very tough, almost like nylon, which would also provide adequate protection from other bigger creatures who are trying to get at your plants. You can either peg or bury the edges of the net to keep it in place.

There were a few things we noticed that are worth knowing before buying this net. If you are planning to cut this net to size, you should use a heated knife in order to melt the ends of the fibers. If not, they can start to unravel.

Also, make sure that you don’t peg the net down too tight because you need to allow some space for the plants to grow.


  • 100′ x 10′
  • ultra fine mesh to protect plants from pests of all sizes

Our verdict:

One of the best mosquito nets we have come across for protecting plants both in the garden and on farms.

Garden Tailor 10'x20' Mosquito Insect Bug Garden Netting


Garden Tailor 10'x20' Mosquito Insect Bug Garden NettingWe were so impressed with Gardenwill’s net that we wanted to test another insect net designed for plant protection. This insect netting is even bigger than Gardenwill’s at 10 feet by 20 feet, and there is even a 10′ x 50′ version.

We really liked the material of this mosquito net because the polyethylene felt strong enough to keep out rodents and other big pests, but also light enough to be placed directly onto the plants. With some plant nets, you often find that the manufacturers get stuck in between keeping mosquitoes at bay or bigger bugs and pests, but the 0.03″ mesh size provided excellent protection against all threats. It was almost more like a fabric than a traditional bug net, but it was still super breathable and allowed plenty of water to get through to the plants.

This mosquito net was also really easy to set up. As with the Gardenwill net, we made sure that we left enough slack to give the plants room to grow, and then we just weighed down the edges with rocks. We also saw from other people’s reviews that it was ideal for wrapping plants and we were able to fashion some really simple bamboo frames to make cylindrical nets to keep pests away from our saplings.

A really fantastic bug and mosquito net for garden and agricultural use.


  • 10′ x 20′
  • 0.03 inch mesh size
  • 90% light passage
  • 95% air passage

Our verdict:

Along with the Gardenwill, this is one of the best mosquito nets available on the market for protecting plants. With various sizes available, it is ideal for garden and agricultural use and will save you from having to use chemical repellents to protect your crops and plants.

Coghlan's 9640 32x78 Mosquito Bed Net


Coghlan's 9640 32x78 Mosquito Bed NetCoghlan’s mosquito net, the 9640, is one of the smallest we tested, and is advertised as being a single person net. There are two choices of mesh, 18o holes per square inch, or 240 per square inch. We decided to try out the 180 version to see how effective it was for normal outdoor use.

After unpacking the box, we set about putting it up. What was noticeable straight away was the quality of the construction, which was a pleasant surprise considering the low price. This Coghlan’s mosquito net comes with six reinforced metal tie tabs, four in each corner of the floor base, and two at the top for hanging the net.

The mesh itself felt soft but very strong, and like every Coghlan’s mosquito net was totally mildew resistant. This is very important for travel mosquito nets because the last thing you want is to be sleeping inside a dank, mildew infested net.

In terms of size, this net provided more space than we expected. While it is definitely only designed for one sleeping bag, once inside, there was still plenty of room around the sleeping bag. This was a pleasant surprise because most mosquito nets that are designed for one person can feel a little claustrophobic.


  • 32′ x 78′
  • 180/240 holes per square inch
  • Six reinforced metal tie tabs
  • Mildew resistant
  • Machine washable

Our verdict:

A fantastic camping mosquito net for use both inside a tent or as a mosquito tent itself. Definitely a single bed net, but still roomy enough inside to feel comfortable. The mesh was super breathable and the reinforced tabs should mean it will last a long time.

Tiimmgaal 10FT Patio Umbrellas Mosquito Netting


Tiimmgaal 10FT Patio Umbrellas Mosquito NettingWe liked the look of the Tiimmgaal’s design as soon as we saw it online and we were excited to give it a try ourselves. The top of the mosquito net fits around the edges of a garden umbrella, creating a kind of mesh gazebo. The 10′ netting will fit around all standard 10′ x 10′ square umbrellas as well as round and Roman style garden umbrellas. The net attached to our umbrella with a drawstring which was super easy to use and held the net very securely.

In order to weigh down the walls, there is a water pipe that runs vertically down the side of the netting and then runs around the bottom edge of the entire netting. When we filled this pipe with water, the four walls of the net were held down very securely, even in a fairly strong breeze.

The Tiimgaal has zip entrances, and once inside there was a huge amount of space for out rattan furniture. The mesh itself was excellent, keeping out all mosquito and biting midges, but also letting in plenty of air and light so we could enjoy our evening in the office garden.

This mosquito net only works by attaching it to a garden umbrella, so if you don’t have an umbrella, it is best to look at other options.


  • 10′ x 10′ x 7.5′
  • Water pipe weight system
  • Attaches directly to garden umbrella
  • No additional setup parts needed

Our verdict:

This is the ideal mosquito net for anyone who already has a large garden umbrella and patio furniture setup. It is perfect for garden use or in pub or restaurant gardens.

RYB HOME Outdoor Indoor Sheer Net Curtains


RYB HOME Outdoor Indoor Sheer Net CurtainsWe absolutely love a versatile product, so we were intrigued by these mosquito net curtains which are advertised by RYB as having a huge number of uses. The curtains come in a range of sizes, but we tried out the 9 feet by 4.5 feet version on a standard size gazebo. They hooked directly onto the gazebo poles and we were impressed by the quality of the metal grommets which seemed to be very durable. The curtains also came with ties so when we wanted to open up the sides, we could just tie the curtains up.

The first thing that is worth noting is that the curtains look absolutely beautiful. As an addition to a gazebo, porch, or summer house, they really are stunning for the price. They kept out the breeze and also light rain, and once closed definitely reduced the number of mosquitoes inside the gazebo.

Despite these benefits, the curtains are definitely not for mosquito net pros. They are literally just free hanging curtains, and so dedicated insects can get underneath and also through the gaps at the top and sides.


  • 9′ x 4.5′
  • Quality metal grommets

Our verdict:

If you have a serious mosquito problem in your garden, it may be better to look for more comprehensive mesh sides for your gazebo, but for just a little added protection, these curtains will do a job, and look great.

How Do Mosquito Nets Work?

Mosquito nets are a great way to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects. They can be used in many different ways, such as for camping or even just at home.

Mosquito nets work by blocking, trapping, or killing mosquitoes so that they can’t get access to bite people. Nets are usually made of a synthetic, porous material that allows oxygen to pass through while keeping bugs out. When used correctly, mosquito nets are an effective way to prevent the spread of malaria and other deadly diseases around the world.

What Are Some Of The Best Mosquito Nets Available?

Insecticide-Treated Netting

A treated mosquito net uses chemicals such as pyrethroid to keep insects away from you when sleeping or sitting outdoors. Look out for nets with a full hanging kit included and which only need a single hanging point, as they are the easiest to put up.

Hanging Mosquito Net

Made with aluminum wire strands woven together into a fine mesh fabric, these nets are effective against even the smallest insects like gnats. Most should come with a hanging kit included so you can put your net up anywhere mosquitoes and other flying insects are a problem.

Mosquito Head Net

This is a unique kind of net which has been used in some form or other for centuries. You attach your mosquito head net to the brim of a hat or just drape the head net over your head and shoulders. As well as a mosquito head net, there are also other types of mosquito net clothing which can be worn for protection while misting or spraying an area. If you are looking for effective head covering, a Naturals mosquito head net is one very popular option available on the market.

Permanently-Sewn Mosquito Net 

These nets are sewn together permanently so they cannot accidentally come undone, which gives you peace of mind when travelling in areas with mosquitos. You will often find these nets in places where mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases.

Pop Up Mosquito Net

Pop up mosquito nets provide convenient, temporary protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects. They can be ‘popped up and down’ like a tent and are the best mosquito net for camping. When choosing a pop up mosquito net, make sure that it is big enough to enclose your tent, sleeping bag, or whatever you need it for.

Hammock Mosquito Net

As the name suggests, hammock mosquito nets attach to a hammock so that you can slumber away peacefully without being bothered by mosquitoes or other flying insects.

Are Mosquito Nets Effective?

Mosquito and insect nets are highly effective in preventing mosquito bites. They also keep other pests, such as flies and spiders, out of the sleeping area. Mosquitoes can carry diseases like malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus that they pick up from people while feeding on their blood. A net acts as a barrier which stops mosquitoes from being able to bite you and spread these diseases.

Despite the importance of mosquito netting, there are some disadvantages too:

  • Limited ventilation and air flow so it can be hot and uncomfortable while you sleep or sit inside the net.
  • You may have difficulty changing clothes or going to the toilet, especially at night.
  • Some people find mosquito netting intimidating or claustrophobic.

How To Use Mosquito Nets?

The most common type of net is a rectangular insect mesh with an opening at the top and sides, which can be hung over beds or other areas where people sleep. There are also some models which attach directly onto bedsteads for extra protection. Both typically have corner tie cords so that it’s easy to tie attach them to whatever you’re using as anchor points. There are also more modern versions which use poles instead (usually two-piece metal rods with hooks attached) and come preassembled – all you need to do is unfold this type before positioning it where desired.

In order for insect nets to work properly, they need three feet all around the inside edge in order to have room for air circulation. They should always be taken down before dawn so that no biting insects fly onto it during daylight hours when they are known as ‘skeeters’.

Are Mosquito Nets Safe Around Kids And Pets?

Mosquito nets are a great way to help keep your family safe from mosquito bites. However, it is important that you understand the necessary safety precautions before using them around children and pets.

The netting should be tucked in so that no loose ends hang down which can cause strangulation hazards for babies or small animals who might play too close to the net.

In addition, make sure there’s enough room on both sides of an infant crib so that they can’t grab onto the mosquito net or get twisted up in it.

If any of these issues arise, remove the item from use immediately!

Where Are Mosquito Nets Used?

Mosquito nets are often used for camping and for anyone else who is planning to spend time outside during the evening hours in areas where mosquitoes may be present.

They also have a more general use around homes, hospitals and other places, especially in areas of the world where there are dangerous mosquito borne diseases. Nets can be hung over beds so that you don’t get bitten while sleeping and there are some models which attach directly onto bedsteads for extra protection.

Another common use for mosquito nets is to create “safe zones” at outdoor gatherings such as concerts or sporting events where the netting is stretched out to form a tent, so that everyone inside can enjoy the event without being bothered by mosquitoes.

Final Thoughts…​

If you’re looking for a way to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects while camping or just at home, mosquito nets are the perfect solution. There are many different types of mosquito nets on the market today that can be used in all sorts of ways. Whether you need one large net for your entire family or an easy-to-carry version to take camping, there is something out there to fit your needs! To get started finding the right kind of mosquito net for you, take a look at this list we put together with some helpful tips when shopping online.